The Society of Indian Aesthetic Medicine will hold yearly scientific meetings. The scientific meeting for 2018 will be a 3-day event called the 1 st International Conference of Indian Aesthetic Medicine 2018 in Mumbai supported by UMIE.

We strongly believe in promoting proper evidence-based education and research in Aesthetic Medicine. This meeting will be a 3 day event which would include Master class, workshops for one day and two days series of lectures, debates, panel discussions and industry symposiums along with two days of trade exhibition. This meeting will be referred to as The 1st Annual Scientific Meeting of ISAM.

The scientific meeting will offer doctors practicing Aesthetic Medicine an opportunity to meet to discuss:

  • their latest techniques,
  • their experiences with new equipment/technologies/products and
  • share on areas where there may be pitfalls or potential problems.

The meeting theme "What's New in Aesthetic Medicine" will be attended by Doctors from all specialties, disciplines and from all over the world presented at all the previous meetings.

The Annual Scientific Meeting is a forum for doctors who are already practicing or are thinking of practicing Aesthetic Medicine. Beauticians and other non-regulated health professionals are nonadmitted. Industry players (medical device and Pharmaceutical companies) will exhibit at the Conference.

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