About ISAM

The Indian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (ISAM) was formed in 2018 by a group of aesthetic physicians under the aegis of the Union Internationale de Medecine Esthetique (UIME).

The candidature by ISAM was evaluated and approved by the Assembly of Presidents of the National Societies member of the UIME. 32 Societies all over the world are part of the UIME.

One of the main aims of the Society is to facilitate the development of Aesthetic Medicine (a speciality that excludes both plastic and aesthetic surgery) in India.

ISAM further aims at supporting the education and information of Aesthetic doctors in India and the surrounding region.

The main objectives of ISAM is

  • To advance the knowledge and scientific practice of aesthetic medicine
  • To organise meetings for its members and interested members of the industry.
  • To promote regional and international co-operation in aesthetic medicine;
  • To promote evidence-based research in aesthetic medicine; and
  • To acquire and publish literature and scientific works related to aesthetic medicine.

ISAM aims to impart quality education and state of the art technology by constantly updating its members with the latest advances in the field of aesthetic medicine. This will be done by means of frequent interactions, symposiums, workshops and the annual conference of ISAM.

ISAM's annual conference will be attended by doctors and specialists from all over the country and the surrounding region. National and international faculty will give latest updates on the industry in form of lectures, panel discussions, debates and many more.